Free Nutritious Meals for Underprivileged Children

So no child goes to bed hungry in India

A small donation of US $1 or Rs.50 per day can help feed a hungry child for a year.


Started with just 250 children in 2009

Now feeding more than 21,000 underprivileged Children every-day

That’s hot, nutritious food hygienically served on location, every single day

Recognised by the Government of India for our outstanding services to society
We need your Support

Contribute to one of India’s leading Charities to help our pioneering & pain-staking endeavour to ensure that no poor or under-privilaged child goes hungry in India. They are our future and yours.

Our Free Food & Mid-Day Meals Program

Manav Charities’ pioneering No Hungry Child Free Food Program is focused towards distributing hot, nutritious and fresh food to poor, needy & hungry children across pockets of poverty in India. We have a daily mid-day meal coverage of more than 20,000 hungry & underprivileged children and our daily food distribution regimen is smooth, efficient and dependable - 365 days a year.

Our belief is that the Nutritious Meal Program has an important “socialisation role”. Food should be served in an organized, dignified, equitable, friendly manner. Towards this, our model mid-day meals and free food program routine strictly observes the following serving rules:

  • All our meals are served in a clean open space which has been swept in advance every day.
  • All children are made to wash their hands with soap before eating.
  • Adequate quantity is served with a second helping if required.
  • Absolutely No wastage of food, with any extra food re-distributed to the needy.
  • Safe and clean disposal of Paper Plates and Cups.

Strict hygiene is established and maintained at all kitchens being used to prepare these mid-day meal across India including:

  • Mandatory cleaning and scrubbing of all vegetables used for cooking.
  • Mandatory washing of hands before cooking.
  • Mandatory cutting of nails by all food handlers.
  • Purified water to be used for all cooking purposes by boiling, filtration or chlorination.
  • Mandatory Hair covers or caps.

All Nutritious meal routines are strictly monitored for hygiene and quality across the supply and distribution chain. A typical breakfast menu looks like the below for our South Indian Free Food campaign:

Day Breakfast (7.30 – 8.30 A.M.)
Monday Pongal
Tuesday Puliyogere
Wednesday Bisi Bele Bath
Thursday Tomato Bath
Friday Veg Pulav
Saturday Pudina Rice
Sunday Chow Chow Bath

The menu for North India would comprise of Whole Wheat Pancakes (Chapathi / Roti / Phulka) with fresh vegetables (Sabji) and Vegetable Rice / Pulav , followed by simple desserts made up of cream of wheat (Halwa) etc. The meal ingredients are chosen to be nutritious, healthy, easy to prepare, store and transport so that maximum freshness and nutrition can be retained through the Supply Chain.

About Us

Manav Charities is a registered NGO - non-profitable, secular, voluntary charitable organization registered under in the year 1999. It is established by a group of like-minded philanthropists for the development of the underprivileged society.

The core objectives of Manav Charities is to strengthen the under privileged and economically backward rural population by actively implementing various Rural Development programs and creating awareness by setting up Knowledge centers and mobilizing community involvement though pro-active volunteers. This consistent and persistent implementation will bring about unprecedented improvement in the lives of rural citizens of India.

One of Manav Charities’ key campaign is aimed towards providing daily nutritious & hygienic mid-day meals to poor underprivileged children across India. Manav Charities’ aim for this campaign is "no child should be left hungry in India”. In a country where the rich-poor divide is stark and while millions splurge on good food, we find it unacceptable that even bigger millions of children have to go to bed hungry without any means for food or nutrition.

We are passionate in our dedication to the cause of feeding under-privileged children across India. Towards this, we have ensured a high quality food supply chain and an uncontaminated route by which fresh, hot meals are supplied daily in controlled gatherings. All our operations are quality certified and are open for inspection by our donors at any time.

Manav Charities today has registered offices at Bangalore and regional offices at Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai/Pune, Delhi/Meerut, Jamshedpur, with our work force spread across the whole of India.


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